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A smile is a usual expression that denotes the feeling of happiness. Here in the dental clinic of Dr. Reza Kasisri, DDS, we are all about happiness, and that is why we work hard to take care of the smiles in San Diego at the most affordable price. We do not only aim to give you the best smile, we aim for the healthy, good appearance and best function of your teeth and gums with affordable dentistry. When you have all these, your smile will truly look the best. Each orthodontist here uses new technology in providing dental health services in San Diego. In this way, we can give you optimum results for the health of your teeth. We help you brighten the day with just a flash of those pearly white teeth and our affordable offers.

Our dental office has combined the art of dentistry with the latest and best dental technology to give you a sparkling smile. Aside from our excellent general dentistry, regular dental check-ups, and cleaning services with our licensed dentist, we provide specialized services including orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and emergency services so you can have that perfectly healthy smile.

About Dr. Reza Kasisri, DDS

Dr. Reza Kasiri is your resident orthodontist in San Diego, California. He has been practicing orthodontics for quite some time, providing proper treatment and care to numerous patients across the locality. He is known to expertly treat tooth irregularities, as well as deal with the control and modification of facial growths. Many patients have been satisfied with the professional and caring way he provides his services. Many are happy to have sought his services as a professional dentist because of his skill, as well as dedication to providing the best dental services in the area.

For all the dental services we provide, we use top-quality, high-technology equipment. This way, we make our patients more comfortable, making diagnosis and treatment more efficient and accurate at prices so cheap. Visit Orthodontic & General Dentistry now and get the best dental care and treatments. Our high-tech dental clinics together with our skills will keep your teeth and gums healthy. Smile a healthy smile and brighten everyone’s day!

orthodontic services San Diego, CA

Our List of Services

Orthodontic & General Dentistry is excited to serve our patients. Our ultimate goal is to craft our patients with perfect smiles they’ll be proud to show off.

Traditional Braces San Diego, CA

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces use stainless steel brackets and archwires to move your teeth into their proper position. Many teenagers like to decorate their braces with different colored rubber bands to give them a colorful and unique smile. You can choose a new color (or colors) during every adjustment!

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Crowns and Bridges

Dental bridges are one of many options aimed at improving the appearance and function of your teeth by replacing the missing tooth or teeth. During your exam, we will discuss whether or not dental bridges are right for you.

Porcelain crowns are attached right to your teeth so they function properly, even when you bite on something really hard! There are several types of porcelain crowns so it is important to discuss which type is best for you with your dentist.
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Clear Braces San Diego, CA

Clear Braces

Most teens and adults are reluctant to get the orthodontic care they need due to the appearance of orthodontic appliances. That’s why we offer clear braces, which are much less noticeable than metal braces, but still give patients the smile they deserve. Clear braces are just like metal braces but are almost invisible.

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are needed when decay and bacteria spread for too long without treatment. At a certain point, this decay makes it to the pulp inside the tooth. This pulp includes nerves, therefore infection generally causes a lot of pain. Since this is happening on the inside of the tooth, you won’t necessarily see the damage. Instead, you will feel it through pain and notice other signs that include bleeding, swelling, and bad breath.

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An extraction is performed to remove a tooth, whether because of disease, crowding, or damage. When extractions are required, the area around the tooth will be numbed and your dentist will remove the tooth. A small amount of bleeding is normal, as your mouth will replace the removed tooth root by forming a blood clot in the area. If you notice an early sign of cavities on your teeth, you should immediately get a cavity treatment in San Diego, CA if you want to avoid undergoing tooth extraction.

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Retention San Diego, CA


After you have worn your braces for the appropriate amount of time, we move into the retention stage of your treatment. It is VERY important not to skip this step, or all of your hard work will not pay off as you had hoped. Your teeth may shift around or move back to where they were instead of staying in place.

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Dentures and Partials

Dentures are attached to a gum-colored base, held in place with either suction or an adhesive, and can replace a whole arch of missing natural teeth.

A removable partial denture is an optimal solution for patients who may be missing one or more teeth in a particular area of their mouth.

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Gum Treatment

Gum disease is very common. In fact, forty-seven percent of American adults have some form of periodontitis. In adults over sixty-five, the prevalence rate is over seventy percent. In the early stages, the treatment involves non-surgical procedures. However, if you have more advanced stages, surgery may be required.

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Early Treatment San Diego, CA

Early Treatment

The earlier we catch problems with your child’s bite, the simpler they are to fix. The results are often better than if we wait and will require significantly less work. We may not need to keep braces on your child for as long as they are younger, which means less expense for you.

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Adult Treatment San Diego, CA

Adult Treatment

Here at Orthodontic & General Dentistry, we work hard to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. We offer several different treatments that can be effective no matter how old you are. More and more orthodontic treatments are becoming available to give adults the smile that they want.

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Braces For Teens San Diego, CA

Braces For Teens

Braces are not as scary as most teens think. Technology has advanced a lot in recent years, providing us with newer styles of braces. The result is a faster, more comfortable, and more effective treatment. Braces come in different colors, styles, and materials, so your teen can customize their look and express their personality.

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These are the most common type of braces and are more comfortable today than ever before. Made of high-grade stainless steel, this treatment is designed to straighten your teeth using brackets and archwires. At each appointment, a rainbow of colors is available for you to choose from as a way to express your individuality and mood.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

We can offer you both minor and major changes. We have procedures that will improve the look of your teeth whether they are discolored, chipped, or anything else. We offer many procedures designed to help, including bonding, veneers, whitening, reshaping, and crowns.

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Dental bonding is a procedure where we apply a tooth-colored plastic material to a patient’s tooth. Using a special light, we make the material harden and bond to the tooth.

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