Dental Care from General Dentist in San Diego

Reza Kasiri, DDS
2138 Garnet Ave.
San Diego, CA 92109

3959 30th St. #104
San Diego, CA 92104

San Diego Orthodontics and General dentistry

Our clinics are dedicated to serving the needs of the region. We pride ourselves on having a competent, experienced staff complimented by modern facilities. This combination allows us to provide high quality dental care to all our clients.

Our team is competent enough to take on the gamut of oral health and dental issues that exist. Our services extend to problems in the mouth, teeth and jaw and we include braces, retainers and other dental devices in our treatment options.

The fear of dentists is a global phenomenon and the reasons behind this fear vary. At our dental clinics however, we aim to erase the fear by creating a warm and a supportive client friendly environment. Once you experience our services you will lose your apprehensions about dental appointments.

Come see us if you are interested in getting braces. We start to create a comfortable environment by facilitating all the questions that you may have. This should allow you to feel more confident as you make your decision. In addition to that, our staff will make you feel comfortable by making accommodations for your needs. Our orthodontist will communicate with you to ensure that your level of comfort remains exemplary during the procedure.

This practice goes the extra mile to ensure that clients get dental care in a supportive and comfortable environment. Our customer service standards are kept at a high level in order to fulfill our mandate; providing you with the best orthodontic and general dental care experience.